Nursing Toddler and Baby

I’m pregnant and still breastfeeding my older son. I don’t want to wean him. What should I do?

It's great that you are still breastfeeding your older child while pregnant with your second! Many mothers are successful at tandem nursing. This means breastfeeding more than one child of different ages.

Tandem nursing can reduce engorgement (breast swelling from too much milk) in the first few weeks. It can also help your older child get used to a new baby. And it helps your older child's immunity to illness.

During your first trimester, you might feel uncomfortable or agitated while nursing. This is common and does not mean you don't love your child! It's caused by many hormone changes in your body. Take deep breaths and try to distract yourself. This feeling tends to go away after the first trimester.

You might also notice a slight drop in your milk supply. Don't pump extra or try to increase your milk supply because this can cause contractions in your uterus. Talk with your doctor if you feel your older child needs to eat more.

Your older child may start to refuse your breast when your body starts making colostrum midway through your pregnancy. Colostrum can taste different from the milk your child is used to. When your baby is born, your colostrum will need to go first to your newborn.

Do your best to eat a healthy balanced diet, drink enough water, and take prenatal vitamins daily. Rest when you can. Ask a friend or family member for help if you can. Stay in touch with a local Certified Lactation Consultant.



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