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My daughter was just born and I’m feeling so confused. The hospital nurse told me one thing, then my sister told me another, then the baby's doctor told me something completely different. I don’t know whose advice to follow!

It is confusing to hear different advice from different people. It sounds like you do have a good support group of people who care about you and your baby. But you may be unsure of which advice is best for you and your baby.

Let’s start with your goal. When hearing advice from others, do they have your breastfeeding goal in mind? Good advice should be geared toward supporting you as the mother and your goals to breastfeed. You should feel encouraged and supported after the advice is given. 

Next, how well do the people giving advice know your situation, your concerns, and your baby? Good advice should consider your family and work situation, and how breastfeeding has been going for you. You should feel comfortable asking questions and giving information to decide on the best plan for you and your baby. 

Lastly, consider scientific research and facts. Other breastfeeding moms love to give advice and share their experiences. You might even do this for a family member or friend one day! But just because something worked for someone else does not mean it is recommended or safe for all babies. You know your situation and your baby better than anyone. If you have any questions or are unsure, do your own research. A Lactation Consultant or Breastfeeding Peer Counselor can be very helpful with your specific breastfeeding concern. In the end, you are the parent and are allowed to make decisions that you feel confident and content with for both yourself and your baby.

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