Average Intake for Breastfed Babies

I need to pump for the times I’m away from my baby. How much breast milk should he be drinking from a bottle at each feeding?

That’s awesome your baby will be getting breast milk when you have to be separated! 

There are a few things to keep in mind when pumping vs. nursing baby at the breast. How much milk you can pump is not always the same amount of milk that baby gets when nursing. Babies are better at removing milk than the best breast pump. A pump working correctly, with breast flanges that fit properly, will help maximize how much milk can be pumped. Remember to pump when baby is given a bottle of breast milk to protect your milk supply.

Average Ounces (oz) Based on Age


Days 4-7


1-2 oz per feeding


10-20 oz per day


Weeks 2-3


2-3 oz per feeding


15-25 oz per day


Months 1-6


3-4 oz per feeding


25-30 oz per day


Did you know that babies between 1-6 months drink about the same amount of breast milk? A mom’s milk does not need to keep increasing in volume during this time. This is because breast milk becomes more fat/calorie/nutrient dense as the baby gets older, so the same amount of milk still fills them up. 

During growth spurts (around 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months), your supply temporarily increases due to baby’s increased demand at the breast. Baby nursing more often is a good thing! Once their need for extra calories is over (usually 2-4 days after the growth spurt starts), your milk supply will even out again. If you're pumping, make sure to pump more often during these growth spurts. 

Babies don’t always take the same amount of breast milk at each feeding. Watch for signs they are full (turn their head away, no longer sucking vigorously, fall asleep), and practice paced feeding, instead of encouraging them to finish a bottle.

Keep up the great work mama! Every ounce of breast milk counts.


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