Pumping at Work

I want to pump at work for my baby but I’m nervous about talking with my boss. Will I be allowed to pump at work?

You have rights as a breastfeeding mother to pump at work to provide breast milk for your baby. The Break Time for Nursing Mothers Act gives you the right to pump. Your employer is required to give you a private space to pump for your baby as often as needed during your work shift. This space cannot be a bathroom and your employer is not required to pay you for the time you spend pumping.

Smaller workplaces may not be required to provide this if they have no space for you to pump. But employers can get creative! They can offer a manager's office or a clean closet. They could let you reserve a public room for when you need to pump, by putting a lock on the door with a sign saying when you'll be using it.

Explain to your employer that you will miss less work because breast milk will help combat any illnesses your baby is exposed to. If you are uncomfortable speaking with your boss about your rights to pump, this pump form can open the door for the discussion. If your employer does not cooperate, you might ask nearby businesses if they have a space for you to pump during your work shift. And even if your employer denies you a place to pump, they cannot deny you the right to return home to pump for your baby. Your baby, your breasts, your right!

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