Pumping at Night

My 11 month old has started sleeping through the night. He usually sleeps from 9:30pm to 7:00am. Do I need to pump during the night to keep my supply up for him?

Your body will adjust to your baby’s sleep schedule.

For the first few nights, you may need to pump a little bit if you feel uncomfortable because your breasts are full. You would only want to pump for a few minutes or do some hand expression to relieve the fullness. Don’t pump a full feedings worth of milk or you will tell your body to keep making that much during the night.

You can always pump right before you go to bed too, and that can lengthen the time before you would need to feed the baby or pump again.


SOURCE: https://www.mamamend.com/postpartum-health/breastfeeding-changes-when-your-baby-starts-sleeping-through-the-night

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