Infant Weight Loss

I'm fully breastfeeding but my newborn lost weight. Is this normal?

It is very normal for your baby to drop down a few ounces after birth. Your baby is born with excess fluid to aid in a smooth journey through the birth canal. If you received fluids during labor, this could cause higher amounts of fluid in your baby. Within 24-48 hours after birth, most of this fluid will go away.

Your baby should be back up to its 24-hour weight by two weeks of age. Some mothers take a little longer for their mature milk to come in. If this happens to you, keep offering your breast when you see your baby having early feeding cues, even at night.

Hand express colostrum to feed to your baby in a syringe or teaspoon. Once your mature milk comes in, she will start to feed more frequently and for longer periods of time. This will help her weight gradually increase. If your baby is still at or under 24-hour weight by two weeks, consider speaking with your doctor.

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