White Spot on Nipple

I have a small white painful spot on the tip of my nipple! What is it and what should I do about it?

A white painful spot on your nipple is most likely what is called a “bleb”. It is commonly caused by a plugged duct that is scabbed over. The bleb can initially be caused by a latch issue causing your baby’s tongue to rub against your nipple. Then once it is scabbed over, the milk can’t get out and gets clogged up behind the scab/bleb. It can be very painful during breastfeeding or pumping.

One trick is to take a cotton ball soaked with olive oil or coconut oil and put it against your nipple overnight. That softens up the scab. Then first thing in the morning you can pump or do hand expression (in a warm shower helps) and typically the softened scab will come off and you can express some of the thicker “clogged” milk out. It may look stringy or like toothpaste. It is also fine if your baby breastfeeds and swallows some of that thicker milk. It isn’t harmful for them. Then continue to breastfeed, pump, or hand express to keep it open and the milk flowing.

If the bleb keeps reappearing, you should contact your healthcare provider.

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Source: https://breastfeedingusa.org/content/article/blebs-teeny-tiny-meanies

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