My baby is one week old and my mother suggested I start giving her a pacifier to keep her from wanting to breastfeed all of the time? Is this recommended?

It's not recommended to offer a pacifier in the first month. Your baby's brain thinks that the sucking motion means they are being fed, when they are not. Then your baby may suck less on your breast, and not gain weight well. Your baby might also reject your breast. This can be a problem if you are having trouble getting them to latch.

Focus on breastfeeding your baby on demand. Make sure they are latched deeply, and spend time skin to skin as much as possible. When your baby is breastfeeding well and you are making enough milk for them, you can decide whether or not to offer a pacifier. You can also ask a Certified Lactation Consultant if your baby is ready. If you have already fed your baby and they need to be soothed, you can try rocking, singing, "shushing" or swaddling them.



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