Getting Started

I want the best start to breastfeeding! How can I achieve this?

The best start to breastfeeding is 2 hours of skin to skin contact with your baby right after birth. Skin to skin time has many benefits! It helps to steady your baby's heartbeat, breathing rhythm, and body temperature. It helps baby get comfortable being next to your breast.

Skin to skin with your baby after birth triggers your milk-making hormone, prolactin. When your baby latches to your breast, this helps your uterus contract. This reduces postpartum bleeding. Tell your support person and hospital staff that you want to breastfeed. You can breastfeed after a cesarean section with help from a nurse or support person. Skin to skin contact helps every baby and mother, whether breastfeeding or formula feeding. Both mom and dad can continue skin to skin contact with the baby as baby gets older!





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