Starting Foods

My baby is five months old and sometimes likes to watch me eat. Does this mean he is ready for solids?

Your breastmilk is the perfect food for your baby and changes to meet your baby's needs. It's easy to digest and absorb. It should be your baby's main food until age one. It's exciting to start introducing foods to your baby, especially if they are interested in food. But your baby's digestive system is still developing until around 6 months of age. So it's best to wait to offer solid foods until 6 months or so.

Always breastfeed first, then follow by offering solid foods. If your baby can sit up without help and slurp milk and saliva into their mouth, they may be ready to start solid foods. When your baby reaches 6 months old, talk with your baby's doctor or a dietitian about signs that your baby might be ready to begin solid foods.





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