After 1 Year

My baby is 1! Can I continue to breastfeed? 

Be proud of yourself for making it past one year of breastfeeding! And remember, any amount of breast milk is beneficial for your child and your body. So however long your breastfeeding journey is, you should be proud of all your hard work!

  • Your breast milk is still beneficial for your child. Your milk does not suddenly become useless after one year. And continuing to breastfeed has benefits for you as well! In fact, the longer you breastfeed, the lower your risk for breast cancer. You can breastfeed for as long as you’d like!
  • Your child's immune system doesn't fully develop for several years. Your breastmilk will keep giving them amazing antibodies to protect them from illnesses.
  •  As your child gets older, they might breastfeed even less. Many mothers notice their toddler only breastfeeds 3 to 4 times every 24 hours by the time they are two years of age.
  • If your child still wakes up during the night to breastfeed, you may wonder about other ways to comfort them at night. Speak with your child’s WIC nurse for suggestions.
  • If you feel the need to wean your child, slow and steady is the best way for both your breasts and your baby. Cutting your child off suddenly or abruptly can be very hard on them both mentally and emotionally. It can also lead to clogged milk ducts for mom.



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