My daughter will be going to daycare when I return to work. I will be pumping for her. Is there anything I need to tell her daycare beforehand?

Ask to see a copy of your daycare's policies for handling and storing breastmilk. Ask if they prefer breastmilk for just one day or extra frozen milk for emergencies. Breastfeeding your baby before dropping them off is helpful for your daycare, your baby's comfort and your milk supply. Some daycares will text you when they feed your baby a bottle, so you can pump at the same time. Some mothers go to their daycare during work breaks to breastfeed their baby. Talk with your daycare and plan your days, so your baby is ready to breastfeed when you pick them up.

It's helpful to give your daycare information on pace bottle feeding, which reduces overfeeding. Overfeeding leads to more gas and spitting up for your baby. It also makes them go through more milk. Pace bottle feeding can take longer, but it is a gentler and more natural method that lets your baby control the pace.

The most important thing is to talk with your daycare. Remember that you are the parent. Daycares have their own ways of doing things, but you are the only one who can make feeding decisions for your baby."  Share with your daycare how important breastfeeding and feeding your baby breast milk is for you as a parent. Thank them for their hard work in caring for your baby and work as a team!





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