Pumping at School

I will be returning to college in the fall and am planning to pump for my son. I live too far from campus and can’t go home to pump between classes. What should I do or who should I ask for help?

Many universities don't have specific regulations to support students who breastfeed and pump. But there are laws that protect you as a breastfeeding mother. Look into your school's policies. Then discuss this with someone in student affairs or the health center. The Student Accommodation Form attached below can be used as a guide. Many colleges have policies to help mothers be successful with parenting and studying. If your school doesn't have a specific lactation room, you can ask about rooms that aren't being used, like offices, dorm rooms, or lounge areas.

For more information about the 2022 Pump Act, click here.

For suggestions about what to share with your baby's caregiver, click here.

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SOURCE: https://thepregnantscholar.org/know-your-rights-breastfeeding/


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