I want to make it to one year of breastfeeding, but I’m not sure my 9 month old son does. He doesn’t care to breastfeed during the day but he is still breastfeeding during the night. Is he weaning?

Every child self-weans when they are ready. On average children wean themselves when they are toddlers. It is very unlikely that a baby under 12 months is self-weaning.

If your baby is under 12 months and is refusing the breast, there might be other reasons. For more information click here.

When your baby reaches around six months, you will introduce solid foods. By the time they are a toddler, their diet will be mainly solid foods. They will gradually need less breastmilk. There is no need to wean your child until you are ready.

Your baby can still receive a lot of milk during the nighttime feedings, even if he isn’t breastfeeding during the day. At this age, he may be too distracted during the day. You could try offering the breast more during the day by going to a quiet room with no distractions or breastfeeding right before or after nap time when your baby is sleepy.



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