Meet Jennie - Peer Counselor

Hi, I am Jennie!


My life's passion is supporting women and moms. My breastfeeding experience includes: 

  • breastfeeding with shields for four months
  • exclusively pumping for nine months with said twins
  • breastfeeding with no aids for two and a half years with my third child
  • currently nursing four+ years with my youngest (weaning her by the time she goes to school! *fingers crossed*)
  • plugged ducts, mastitis, oversupply, strong letdown, returning to work, nipple blebs, various pumps and nipple shields

I graduated with a BA in Media Communications and English and spent a year in biblical studies at Briercrest Bible College near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. I also co-directed the local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group for five years and served in various program capacities for two years prior. Currently, I work in the Celebrate Recovery program at our local church and serve on the board for the Brookings Area Multicultural Center.

I deeply enjoy getting to know international women/mothers in our community and connecting them with people and resources while they are here. From 1999 to 2007 BC (before children), I loved traveling abroad (Mexico, Canada, France, Italy, Austria), understanding the struggles one can face in a new country without family support nearby, not to mention language or cultural barriers.  

To date, my most significant accomplishments are nurturing my marriage of almost 14 years and guiding four kids through life. Our twins just turned 13, so we are embarking on adolescence. We are coming off a year of dipping our toes into homeschooling the three oldest, and it was a challenging but deeply gratifying experience. My husband and I started traveling recently to celebrate anniversaries and have been to Colorado and Oregon, with plans to visit another area of Colorado this year and the New England states next year.

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