Meet Evelyn - Peer Counselor

Hi!  I am Evelyn!


I am married to Charles, and we have two beautiful little girls. I breastfed Auggie until she was fourteen months, and I breastfed Selah until she was 15 months. Both were truly intimate times of loving sacrifice for a mother and her little ones. 

Together, we love to camp, travel, and serve God and his people at our church. It is my privilege to provide my girls with the very thing that first sustains their lives, and now they are growing and thriving. 

My first involvement with the Growing Up Together program or the Peer Counselor program was on the recipient end. I am so grateful for the support, and I do not think I could have continued breastfeeding or gone on to support other women if it were not for WIC and Peer counseling cheering me on or answering my worries. When Auggie was around seven months old, I learned that the program needed more peer counselors. I applied and began serving as a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor in February of 2021.

Before working in this program, my breastfeeding education came through my pregnancy books, classes, and trial and error. Since then, I have completed several training sessions and have gained so much knowledge about breastfeeding. I can now share the wonderful joy with other mamas on their breastfeeding journeys.

I love helping a mom feel empowered to press on, make sure she knows she is not alone in her struggles or victories, and see her meet her goals on how long she would like to feed her little one precious "liquid gold."

Meeting moms where they are and answering their questions and concerns while instilling hope that they are doing a great job is why I love my job and want to continue being a part of this program. 

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